“Confidence when I needed it most.”

Andrea did an intuitive reading for me recently during a time that I was feeling overwhelmed with work and life. I was not in a great place mentally at the time and feeling depressed about my situation. Her reading helped me to understand that this was a temporary state I was feeling and that life was going to give me the opportunities to succeed. Everything in her reading rang true for me and brought my soul to a better place as well as restored my confidence when I needed it the most. I hope to have another reading done by her and would recommend her to friends and family no questions asked. Thank you Andrea!!

— R.C., Washington State

“Focused, calm, and lighter.”

I was struggling with some personal and professional issues. Andrea's help was instrumental at moving me on in my life. Her unique blend of tapping and Theta work was life changing for me. She helped me process through some tough feelings and then was able to help me rid beliefs that were not working in my life and helped me with generating new and positive beliefs. After a session I felt more focused, calm, and lighter. It was amazing what transpired in my life after working with her. She is such a kind gentle soul with a profound healing talent. I highly recommend Andrea!

— D.H., California


I always have such a great, loving, healing experience with Andrea! Even though we are in two different countries she helps me to release things that I never thought before were possible. Thanks Girlie for all your help!! I love you soo much and am very thankful that I have you in my life.

— V.S., New Hampshire


“Results within 15 minutes.”

I really enjoyed connecting with Andrea. She helped me face some difficulties with head pressure and limiting beliefs . She guided me on the computer using special phrases and tapping contact points on the face, hands, and head.
I noticed results within 15 minutes. Even after our session was over I could see that old patterns were being called out to clear be released. I won't hesitate to contact her in the future, because it worked!
Thank you.

— C.D., Saskatchewan

Incredible at holding space!

Andrea is incredible at holding space and presence and finding ways to guide you when you feel a little lost. I had the privilege to experience a session with Andrea where she skillfully brought in various mediums and tools to help guide me to find my own answers, asking questions that I, in those moments, would never have thought to or remembered to ask myself. Holding space skillfully, and safely, with both a depth and a twinkle of light in her eye. I look forward to working with her again when our paths cross! 

— T.D., North Carolina


Tremendous expertise, enthusiasm, and heart!

I loved learning EFT tapping with Andrea.  Andrea brings tremendous expertise, enthusiasm, and heart to her teaching.  I left the workshop feeling confident that I can use this technique at home, and that I am already experiencing the benefits of the practice.

— Melissa Arthur, owner of Westside Yoga


Safe and nurturing environment.

I have been working with Andrea for a few months now and we have successfully cleared some old belief patterns and painful memories from childhood. She provides a very safe and nurturing environment. She is patient and understanding and gently leads you  where you need to go to get the best results. I’m thankful for her skills and the opportunity to work with her!

K.B., California

Gifted, intuitive, and encouraging.

As I understand more about EFT tapping, I believe in its merits as a stress management tool for dental patients and clinicians. Andrea blends her training as an EFT practitioner and dental hygienist to introduce this unique practice to the dental community. Andrea is especially gifted in her intuitive approach to tapping and encourages participants as they gain confidence applying these methods.

Kathy B. Bassett, RDH, M.Ed., Professor, Pierce College, WA, co-author of the textbook Local Anesthesia for Dental Professionals

Highly recommend!

Andrea is such an amazing person. We’ve had her at Bend City Yoga a couple times for workshops and pop up specials on EFT tapping. She has such a beautiful welcoming energy and has such a passion for what she does. She makes everyone she encounters feel very comfortable and at ease so they can literally “tap” into small or even bigger issues that might be limiting them in their everyday life. Highly recommend! We look forward to having her back! 

— Gail Collins, owner of Bend City Yoga


Get the results you are looking for.

Andrea is an incredible healer. Her knowledge and skill set in EFT is a perfect mix of compassion, structure, and the epitome of “holding space.” She really knows how to effectively guide the process with you to get you the results you are looking for. I have loved working with her and would highly recommend her!!

B.W., California


Great Results... Online and In Person