I love teaching others how to tap!  It’s so empowering to have a proven, reliable stress reduction tool that is available to you anywhere you go.  If you have a group of friends or colleagues who are ready to explore ways to get great results from tapping, let’s connect!  I offer workshops in the Moncton area, as well as in other locales when I travel.

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What To Expect:

I make arrangements for workshops on a case-by-case basis.  Typically, I deliver either a 2½ hour or 4 hour introduction, and cover basics of EFT tapping – what exactly it is, how it came to be, and what kinds of issues it can be used on (spoiler alert – almost anything!!!). I teach how to do simple EFT techniques on yourself and give helpful tips for achieving more profound results.  It's very hands-on and involves some practicing. 

For all workshops, I provide:

  • Beautiful, full color handouts

  • All workshop supplies

  • Image (jpeg) and flyer (Word document) for your promo

  • Facebook event creation and promo video

To schedule a workshop, please use my contact form or give me a call!  

*Please note that while there is increasing research supporting positive results achieved by EFT tapping, it is still considered an innovative and experimental technique.  It is best used as a complement to traditional evidence-based medicine.

I loved learning EFT tapping with Andrea. Andrea brings tremendous expertise, enthusiasm, and heart to her teaching. I left the workshop feeling confident that I can use this technique at home, and that I am already experiencing the benefits of the practice.
— Melissa Arthur, owner of Westside Yoga