It’s safe to say EFT tapping supercharged my life!  This stress relief technique combines the Meridian system (used in acupuncture) with techniques to focus on somatic feelings and memories .  There are no needles involved, though - all that is required is tapping with the fingers on points around the face and shoulders! 

Research shows levels of the stress hormone cortisol decrease after tapping, and that the parts of the brain associated with a fight/flight/freeze response seem to reset or normalize after tapping.  What this means is that you can de-stress and choose new, healthy ways to behave, and results can be permanent!

EFT tapping

What To Expect:

Use my online booking or contact form to schedule a session over video chat (or in person, if you are located in the Moncton area).  We'll go over the basic method for EFT tapping and then put it to work!  Clients tap on themselves, and I guide and support you by tapping on myself, and having you mimic what I'm doing.  I also give you pointers and keep you on track... kind of like a yoga class!  

Everyone reacts a little different to tapping, but it's very common for people to experience some emotional release, followed by feeling really relaxed and light, or maybe quite sleepy.  There are several techniques we can use so that you can feel comfortable and safe with whatever emotions may surface.

*Please note that while there is increasing research supporting positive results achieved by EFT tapping, it is still considered an innovative and experimental technique.  It is best used as a complement to traditional evidence-based medicine.

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I really enjoyed connecting with Andrea. She helped me face some difficulties with head pressure and limiting beliefs . She guided me on the computer using special phrases and tapping contact points on the face, hands, and head.
I noticed results within 15 minutes. Even after our session was over I could see that old patterns were being called out to clear and be released. I won’t hesitate to contact her in the future, because it worked!
Thank you.
— C.D., Saskatchewan