Feel like you need a little advice to keep your life on track?  I call these readings my 10 minute special, since they focus on giving you a brief message for your interpretation.  They are a lot of fun and can lead to powerful personal growth!  Unlike a psychic reading, I do not make predictions... because you have the power to change the trajectory of your life!  I can also use cards to assist with readings if you'd like. 

What To Expect:

Use my contact form to request a reading.  I can send your reading by text message or email.  You'll get a brief message which may include imagery, symbols, words, or some combination.

*Please note that while these readings are typically useful and uplifting to people who receive them, they should be considered "for entertainment only."

Andrea did an intuitive reading for me recently during a time that I was feeling overwhelmed with work and life. I was not in a great place mentally at the time and feeling depressed about my situation. Her reading helped me to understand that this was a temporary state I was feeling and that life was going to give me the opportunities to succeed. Everything in her reading rang true for me and brought my soul to a better place as well as restored my confidence when I needed it the most. I hope to have another reading done by her and would recommend her to friends and family no questions asked. Thank you Andrea!!
— R.C., Washington State