Want to get on the cutting edge of corporate wellness?  Then add corporate tapping circles to your wellness plan!

With mental health coming into the spotlight and depression representing the fastest growing category of disability cost to Canadian employers, wellness activities that can improve mental health are more desirable than ever!  Enter corporate tapping circles.

What To Expect:

A corporate tapping circle is a group session that uses EFT tapping to promote emotional well-being, resilience, and positive workplace culture.  Currently, I facilitate small groups of 4 to 10 people, guiding them through EFT tapping techniques.

A tapping circle can be a great way to experience EFT tapping for the first time. Everyone who is present benefits and experiences improvements in their emotional health – even without focusing on their own issues!  Participants are guided in EFT tapping techniques (this involves a bit of teaching, sort of like in a yoga class), as we all tap on ourselves.  EFT tapping is very accessible to people of all physical abilities, and not physically demanding.  We do it from a seated position, and participants can wear their regular workday clothing.  The corporate packages I offer are available in 6 week blocks, so that we can make some progressions as we tap.  Since EFT tapping is a self-help technique, some participants may decide to use it at home as well.  It’s also typical for people who tap together to get to know one another better.

To learn more about my corporate services and rates, or to schedule a complimentary taster session, please contact me directly.

*Please note that while there is increasing research supporting positive results achieved by EFT tapping, it is still considered an innovative and experimental technique.  It is best used as a complement to traditional evidence-based medicine.  A corporate tapping circle does not in any way replace treatment by a medical professional.