Set Your Intentions For Positive Change With The Black Super New Moon

The end of this month brings a Black Super New Moon on July 31 (or Aug 1, depending on where you live) - “black” meaning that is the second new moon of the month, and “super” meaning that it's still very close to the earth even if we can't see it too well. ;)

Astrologers say that this new moon can be a powerful time for new beginnings, as we integrate some of the changes we've undergone over the last few months. The general advice that comes with this moon is to set intentions for the positive changes that we'd like to see in our lives, based on what is in our heart space, and then to slowly move towards these. This new moon encourages us to take more ownership of our lives and also to have patience with how things are unfolding.

I've created a couple of tapping sequences that can help harness this new moon energy to our benefit - one to help improve patience, and the other to assist with personal power. As we step further into knowing and accepting ourselves, we can confidently create authentic intentions going forward. These two tapping sequences are designed to help us decide unapologetically what we'd like, and then take focused, directed, confident action towards them at the ideal pace - however slowly that may be. We can know what to do and when to do it, and enjoy the in between times without feeling stuck.

Enjoy, and lots of love! :)

Feeling Stuck? Get Going Again With This EFT Tapping Sequence!

If you’re feeling like you’re somehow stuck or held back in life, you’re not alone! It’s not easy to feel like there’s something standing in your path, tying you down, or in some way keeping you stagnant.

Sometimes, that “stuck” feeling can come from our own resistances to taking positive action (also known as psychoenergetic reversals, reversals, or PERs… more about these and how to release them here). Essentially, I see these resistances as being kind of similar to our “worst-case scenario” friend or family member… well-meaning, but oftentimes alarmist. Resistances tell us that we’re not safe if we do certain things, or that we’ll lose out, or cross some arbitrary line, or that something bad will occur if we take positive, useful actions. Generally, resistances develop to keep us safe in some way, so they’re quite natural to have. I have a number of articles and videos that can help with clearing reversals if you suspect that is the cause of your “stuck-ness.”

In the absence of resistances, a “stuck” feeling can also result from poor timing or inadequate feelings of preparedness. I’ll use a few simple examples to illustrate this.

Let’s say someone named Kelly is looking for a new job. She has her resume looking really polished, includes great references, and creates customized cover letters that position her as the ideal candidate for every job she applies for. She never gets beyond a first interview though, and starts feeling stuck, since she is really ready to change jobs.

Turns out, a few months later, Kelly ends up with an offer for the exact right position for her, that is way more aligned with what she wants to do, and that fits into her life much better than any of the other jobs she’d applied for! She just had to wait for the right timing so that her dream job could become available.

Alternatively, maybe someone named Margo is looking to buy a house. She diligently combs through listings and views potential homes every weekend, but none of them really match what she’s looking for. A part of her is very nervous about owning a home and all the responsibilities that go along with it. She starts reading books and forums and looking for advice about homeownership, and eventually realizes that she’ll be ok as long as she buys a place that doesn’t have a yard or need a lot of repairs, so she ends up buying a great condo that was recently upgraded.

In these examples, Kelly and Margo thought they were getting really stuck, but were actually finding just the right things for them at the right times. But feeling stuck due to timing or readiness still isn’t very fun! I’ve created a little video that you can tap along with if you’re feeling stuck, to help let go of the many emotions that go along with that sensation. Enjoy! :)

Using A Rune Reading To Inform Your EFT Tapping

I had the wonderful experience of a personalized rune reading by my friend Krystal Bell a few days ago. There are a number of different layouts that can be used with runes, and the one she used in my reading gave insight into unresolved issues from past lives.

In my case, this reading gave me some information that was really useful in my EFT tapping practice. It helped to shed light on a blind spot that I had been experiencing with some situations in my current life, that allowed me to access the emotions that I've been repressing around these situations, and use EFT tapping to help process them.

Readings of any kind can be used in this way. One thing that I appreciated in particular about this rune reading was that the information it provided (insight into the unresolved issues from a past life), might not be apparent through other means. However, most readings of any type will give you information about yourself that may not be obvious on the surface. This can be great food for thought, material for reflection, and valuable in informing your EFT tapping. Enjoy! :)

Runes used in my reading.

Runes used in my reading.

Follow Your Passions with the Super Blood Wolf Moon

Sunday’s super blood wolf moon, like all full moons, gives us an opportunity to harness its energy to make life changes. This particular full moon is associated with a lot of emotion and passion, which provides guidance towards what we’d like to see for humanity, as well as our own creative outlets (on a smaller scale).

In the spirit of helping us all follow our bliss, I’ve crafted this tapping sequence to help let go of the emotions associated with past failures (or perceived failures). Although it may not always be obvious to the conscious mind, these emotions can become trapped in the body and affect our behaviour and performance. As we let go of what’s been weighing us down, it offers us space to follow our passions with greater ease and less unconscious resistance.

Try tapping along… and let me know in the comments how you express your creativity! :)

5 Quick Tips for Writing Really Juicy Affirmations that Work

You may have heard of affirmations as a powerful tool for creating change in your life.  Well, as it turns out, there are affirmations and then there are *affirmations*.  :)  The best affirmations create powerful feelings that are properly matched with what you expect to feel when the affirmation is true.  This is really great news, because with just a little reflection (and maybe a thesaurus, lol), you can craft yourself some mighty little statements to take your life to the next level!

I'll use an example that we'll tweak as we go through the steps, that is based on wanting to get a good job as a dental hygienist.  (No personal bias there… lol!)

  1. Write an affirmation that is present tense. If you're repeating an affirmation that is set in the future, it makes it harder to ever arrive at. It's sort of like saying, "I'll get around to it..." - we all know what that really means, lol! ;) In our example, we would use "I have a great job as a dental hygienist" as opposed to "I will have a great job as a dental hygienist."

  2. Be somewhat specific. You don't need to hammer out every detail, but do think of different aspects of what your affirmation is about. To use our example again: What makes the job great? Is it the co-workers, the compensation, the clientele, the actual work? We could adjust our statement to something like, "I am part of a great dental team as a well-paid dental hygienist serving clients who appreciate us."

  3. Use words that incite a lot of emotion. The whole point of the affirmation is to create an abundance of good feelings within you, and the words you choose can make a big difference here. Turning back to our example, we could consider: What does a "great dental team" feel like? How about "clients who appreciate us?" We might decide to make our affirmation, "I am in love with my job as a well-paid dental hygienist who's part of a caring, supportive, fun dental team serving kind and understanding clients who value our work, rave about us, and help us love our day!" (Starting to sound more exciting, eh?)

  4. Dig a little deeper into WHY you want that affirmation to be true. Sometimes you have an idea of some concrete thing that you want, but it might be that the thing is only a vehicle for something else. In our example, we would have to wonder: Why is this particular job something that is important? What about the "well-paid" aspect of it? It could be that this hypothetical job, when compared with others, provides a valuable sense of social connection, or accomplishment, or self-actualization. The pay might be important to ensure financial freedom, or it might be relevant to respect or status. We could re-work our affirmation yet again, to something like, "I am in love with my dream job as a successful dental hygienist who is part of a caring, supportive, fun dental team serving kind and understanding clients who value our work, rave about us, and help us love our day!" (In this example, I've used self-actualization - "dream job" - and status - "successful" - as our motivating factors.)

  5. Look for blocks or resistances to your affirmation. Sometimes, we have a little voice inside that tells us that we don't deserve what our affirmation would bring us, or that it's not possible, or... any number of stories. Some of these, we may get over naturally (in the example above, we may be a new graduate who needs experience before feeling like we could hope for our dream job), and some may be "tail-enders" that we can use EFT tapping to help let go of (an example relating to our proposed dental hygiene job might be that little voice telling us, "...but that kind of job doesn't exist."). You can check out a list of common resistances or psychoenergetic reversals here, and find information about tail-enders here.

Once you've honed your affirmation and addressed the roots of your desires as well as any resistances, you should be left with a statement that feels amazing to say! Write it down, say it out loud, tell your friends, and… enjoy! :)

Uncovering The Roots Of Burnout

If you work in a helping profession, chances are that you have heard of burnout. Maybe you have had colleagues who’ve suffered from burnout, or even experienced it yourself.

Burnout involves emotional exhaustion - a condition that affects a person both physically and emotionally, and results from continually experiencing excessive stress. Burnout has been linked to many negative consequences, too. On a personal level, it has been associated with other conditions including depression, suicidal ideation, decreased personal accomplishment, and substance abuse. But it affects a wider slice of humanity than just the individual suffering from burnout - interpersonal relationships, workplace morale and relationships, and the quality of a person’s work can also be affected, for example.

Not only that, but those of us in helping professions may also find ourselves suffering from burnout in other areas of our lives! We sometimes end up overgiving in everything from personal relationships to leisure activities - potentially increasing the sources of stress that contribute to burnout, instead of helping to prevent it.

Luckily, EFT tapping does a great job of letting go of some of the piled up emotions that can (eventually) result in burnout! In this tapping sequence, I’ve put in an added bonus - I’ve included wording that invites the root causes of burnout to identify themselves.

Oftentimes, something has caused us to believe that we have to overgive without being able to replenish ourselves satisfactorily. Fears (for example, of losing a job or being made fun of) can prevent us from setting healthy boundaries or refusing excessive commitments, as can anxieties about self-worth. Once we become aware of what is driving our behaviours that contribute to burnout, we can address these root issues and reap the rewards! Good luck and happy tapping! :)

Afraid Of Needles? Check Out This EFT Tapping Video!

If you’re a little afraid of needles, you are not alone! Being apprehensive is a very normal response.

One of my passions (besides EFT tapping) is teaching local anesthesia to dental hygiene students. In my experience, it’s very common to be at least a little nervous before receiving dental local anesthesia, so I decided to make an EFT tapping video to help calm the fear response. This video has a little explanation of how tapping works, followed by an EFT tapping sequence that you can use to help calm the nerves. Enjoy! :)

*Please note, this video is intended to use with apprehension/ anxiety type fear, rather than a true phobia. If you experience a true phobia (especially vasovagal reflex reaction… which involves fainting), please don’t use this video.

Feeling Like People Let You Down?

It’s happened to all of us - we put our faith in someone to come through for us in some way or another, and then feel let down when they don’t meet our expectations. This can leave us with a whole heap of hurt feelings (especially if it becomes a pattern for us), and create potentially self-destructive behaviours in us as we try to avoid the same type of situation in the future.

Just like (almost) always, we can definitely tap on that! ;) I created this tapping sequence to help let go of the feelings that surround a situation in which someone lets us down. As a bonus, I’ve included a little tapping around some of the hidden reasons we might like to hold onto these hurt feelings! Happy tapping! :)

Feeling Unappreciated? Good News... You Can Tap On That, Too! :)

Tell me if this has ever happened to you… you generously offer something to a friend, colleague, or group, only to find yourself feeling unappreciated when they don’t even bother to thank you!

This can be a frustrating experience, particularly when it occurs repeatedly. Besides creating animosity between ourselves and others, it can result in us closing ourselves off from the wonderful potential that lies inside us. Luckily, tapping does a great job of letting go of hurt feelings that are associated with feeling taken for granted or under appreciated! Just tap along with this video to try it out. Enjoy! :)

How Can EFT Tapping Help With Athletic Performance?

True story - every now and then, I forget that tapping works! :P

Case in point… this past weekend, I was playing around on a slackline (I’m still a beginner!) and started to get stuck. I had made some good progress on it, but kept falling off at the same point, in the same way. And for a little while, I continued this way, until…

I remembered that I do EFT tapping and that it’s a great tool for athletic performance! (And also personal performance in many other endeavors… but I’ll leave that for another post.)

There has actually been research done to examine the effects of EFT on performance in sports such as basketball and soccer… and these studies found that tapping had positive effects on athletes’ outcomes.

So what I ended up doing (instead of continuing to fall off and get frustrated!) was tapping one round on the frustration and disappointment I was feeling over my slackline fails. After less than a minute of tapping, I made it the whole way across on both of my next two tries on the line!

It’s not really known just how EFT tapping helps to improve athletic performance, but research has shown that it decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol and normalizes brain waves out of a fight/ flight/ freeze pattern. So it may be that the tapping helps dissipate excess stress, allowing for optimal performance. In my opinion, there are probably also be other ways that it improves performance. After all, it’s a great way to quickly retrain the brain and adjust expectations!

You can try out my EFT tapping sequence for optimal personal performance, and see what you think! Happy tapping! :)

Trick Or Treat! Beat Candy Cravings With EFT Tapping

It’s that time of year when there are higher-than-normal levels of bite-sized candies in circulation! This can be either a really fun thing (if you love tiny candies), or, if you experience undesirable cravings for sweets, a super arduous test of willpower.

Luckily, EFT tapping can be used to help head off cravings! Tapping works really well for cravings if you use it the right way. Generally, there are three ways tapping can help with cravings:

  1. Decrease the intensity of a craving, to give you more of a choice in the matter.

  2. Address the root causes of the cravings.

  3. Release resistances to giving up the cravings.

I think it’s probably obvious that addressing the root causes of the cravings will allow for the most permanent results. But all three ways are important. I’ll use an example to better illustrate how these different approaches might work together.

Let’s say a woman named Sarah experiences cravings for chocolate bars. She can use tapping specifically on a craving as it is occurring, and its particular sensations and aspects. Maybe she likes the smell of the chocolate, and the way it feels in her mouth. She can tap on all the things about the chocolate that make her excited to eat it. Sarah can also tap on emotional associations with the chocolate and events that are associated with it, as well as things that trigger the craving. In this case, let’s say she associates chocolate with a reward for doing well in some way and with celebrations. She is triggered to crave it most when sitting at her desk at work.

After doing some self-discovery, Sarah realizes that her cravings come in part from her low self-esteem and a desire for approval. She can then look for specific events in her past that supported this pattern, such as being told her work wasn’t good enough to include in the school newspaper when she was young (or a number of other ones…). Then she can use the Tell the Story technique (which I teach at my workshops) to help let go of any hurt feelings related to these events.

It might be that Sarah has some resistance to giving up her cravings. For the sake of this example, we’'ll consider that she believes she will feel deprived if she can no longer indulge her cravings, and that she likes having the cravings as one way she can rebel in her life and have some personal power. In the case of resistance, techniques such as tapping to clear multiple psychoenergetic reversals (see my post about that here) or refusal tapping can be very useful before working on either the cravings themselves or their root causes.

So potentially, Sarah could clear her reversals first, then set aside specific times to work on the root causes of her cravings, all the while using tapping every time she starts to experience a craving (so that she can decrease the craving’s intensity). This would be the most effective way to eliminate the cravings altogether. It can definitely take some persistence, and require tapping on the craving each time it arises.

I’ve also got a few more helpful tips about tapping to beat cravings:

  • Tap on a craving before getting to the “point of no return” - that is, the point at which you are going to consume the item no matter what. Once you’ve reached the point of no return, chances are that you will not be able to decrease the intensity enough to actually overcome it.

  • Try tapping on any guilt you feel for having the craving, or for giving in to the craving. Guilt can build up and lead to self-sabotage - contributing to more cravings.

  • Try tapping on any “losses” you’ve experienced, or things you used to have but don’t anymore. One of my mentors recommends this as a key to using tapping on mindless eating patterns, describing them as “trying to fill a hole.” I have some videos that use tapping to address grief here.

  • You can also tap on how you would feel if you could never eat the item again. This can help clear some of the emotions that keep cravings locked in place, and also uncover some of the emotions associated with an item, or the sensations that create the craving.

  • Sometimes it can take a little digging and persistence to figure out what the root issue for a craving is. Don’t get discouraged - keep with it and it will eventually surface, especially if you’ve addressed any resistances you may have. (You can also try tapping on not knowing what the root issue is… “Even though I can’t figure out the root issue of my cravings, I love and accept myself…”)

  • Some resistances are obvious, but some are tricky. Look for these tricky ones, too. I’ve got a post coming out soon about ways to identify some of the less obvious resistances we may have to the positive changes we’re trying to make.

I’ve also created this tapping sequence that you can tap along with to help with candy cravings this Halloween! Happy tapping! :)

Can We Feel Grief For Our Stuff?

“It’s just a thing - it can be replaced.” Have you ever heard this phrase before? It’s a pretty valid point in many ways; when some object is lost or destroyed, it typically can be replaced in some way (especially with Amazon for all our shopping needs, LOL). But knowing that doesn’t mean that we don’t feel grief over the loss we’ve experienced. Our things can carry a lot of emotional attachment and associations, and losing them can create similar feelings to loss of a living, breathing being.

Just a few months ago, I had a personal experience with loss of an inanimate object, when my truck was totalled. I didn’t think much about the loss at the time (partly because I was preoccupied with other things). The insurance settlement paid for a new vehicle for me, and I thought I had probably been able to let go of the truck without too much ado.

But recently, I started having nightmares about my new vehicle being destroyed as well! I started exploring the idea that maybe I hadn’t really gotten over the sudden loss of my truck, and sure enough… I hadn’t! LOL

I created this tapping sequence to help process the grief we can feel when an important object that we consider “ours” is lost suddenly. Just tap along with the video to see how things shift for you! Enjoy! :)

P.S. You can find the video I mention for working on self-judgement here, and my other videos for letting go of grief here.

Embracing The Transformative Cycles Of The Full Moon In Taurus

Today’s full moon in Taurus is reported to assist us with forward movement in our lives… drawing on a cycle of release and renewal. But letting go of what we know and have grown comfortable with can be easier said than done! And for those of us who have trouble letting go, we may end up with a mixed bag of emotions about that difficulty - shame, self-judgement, frustration, etc.

Here are some of my favourite tapping videos to assist a kind and gentle release of what no longer serves us. This first one addresses the emotions we have about our trouble letting go, and the next two are some techniques to address some of the causes for difficulty releasing. And you can also check out the related blog posts to learn more on these topics: for letting go, reversals, and refusal tapping. Happy full moon! :)

Gently Release Grief With EFT Tapping

While grief is a natural (and common) human emotion, it can be difficult to process and can sometimes leave a person feeling isolated. In this video, I use a very gentle technique to begin releasing grief. This tapping sequence works indirectly on the grief, but it’s also very powerful to allow oneself to work directly with grief, under the right circumstances. I have another video here that you can tap along with if you’re feeling ready to process grief in that way.

In working with grief, I have found it amazing and inspirational to see how this emotion can take precedence in so many aspects of life and sometimes interfere with us seeing all the good around us, and how processing it can create a shift from sadness and loss to nostalgia and appreciation. Much love, and happy tapping! :)

Some Much Needed Self-Care...

My fall has been shaping up to be fairly demanding lately, and this results in a need for various forms of self-care! Sometimes, that means that I just can’t accommodate anyone while I enjoy my favourite solitary pursuits. Other times, it means spending time with the friends who I know truly “get me” and who are most effortless for me to be around. And at other times, it means immersing myself in really nurturing environments.

Lucky for me, one of the places I work is Bend City Yoga, and this weekend I was able to savour a yin class with the lovely Vee Paradis! Ever since my first class with Vee, I’ve been so impressed with her ability to create a safe and healing space that really can relax a person soooo deeply! She makes self-care easy, fun, and absolutely delectable. :)

What do you do for self-care? ;)

How Can You Tell If EFT Tapping Is Working?

If you've taken a workshop with me, you may recall that one of the steps in using tapping is to evaluate your response to an issue pre- and post-tapping.  And while there are a few reasons to do this, one of them is - you guessed it! - to see if the tapping is "working" (i.e. moving the energy through our systems).

The method of evaluation I teach in my basic workshop is one I refer to as "How Bad Is It Anyway?," a zero to ten scale that you can use to rate an issue as neutral (zero) all the way to severe (ten).  This type of evaluation scale is also known as a SUDS - Subjective Units of Distress Scale - and you may see other EFT tapping resources refer to it as SUD, SUDS, or SUDS level or score.  

One important thing to remember about SUDS is that it is typically based on a somatic feeling (in other words, the way the issue feels in the body - for example, tension in the neck or pressure in the head).  In order to truly evaluate SUDS, we need to be specific about what we're comparing in our pre- and post-tapping SUDS.  Here's an example:

Let's say I am working on feeling angry with my boss about an assignment I was given.  I may begin with a pre-tapping SUDS of 7, feeling anger as an outward pressure in my neck.  After tapping, I re-evaluate how I feel, and I still feel anger, now as a pressure in the top of my head with a SUDS of 7.  I might find myself thinking, "Well, that didn't change at all!  I still feel a SUDS of 7 for the anger."  But... if I look (or in this case, feel) a little closer, the post-tapping SUDS is actually for a different sensation than the pre-tapping SUDS.  Before tapping, the anger was felt in my neck, and after tapping, it was in my head.  This can be a little tricky, because we need to be specific about the location where the feeling is and the emotion that is associated with it, as well as what it actually feels like (for example, pressure versus tension versus tingling, etc.)... not just the actual number of the SUDS.

But what happens when we have trouble assessing a SUDS? For some people, it can be difficult to discern the somatic feeling, or to really assign a value to it. If this sounds like you, you can try tapping along with this video to see what difference it makes for you!

So are there other ways we can evaluate EFT tapping's effect, besides using a SUDS?  You bet!  One of my favourite other ways to evaluate pre- and post-tapping is a Validity of Cognition (or VOC) percentage.  This is really useful if you are working on a limiting belief, to check how much credence is given to that belief.

An example of this would be if I am going to work on a belief that women are inferior to men.  I would first evaluate how true the statement, "Women are inferior to men," feels to me, giving it a rating from 0 to 100% (where 0% is false and 100% is completely true).  Maybe my VOC would start out at 95%.  Then after tapping on this issue, I can re-evaluate my VOC for the same statement, "Women are inferior to men," to see how it changes.  Maybe after tapping, my VOC falls to 35%.  Once the VOC decreases enough that the statement no longer feels true at all, I could effectively say I no longer hold that belief.

An interesting thing about VOC, when compared to SUDS, is that VOC might not carry much emotional charge.  (And sometimes, it seems initially to not carry much charge... but then we can get more in touch with the charge while tapping!  Typically, in this kind of scenario, the charge rises first, and then falls.)  Why not try out both methods and see what you think? :)


Are You The Jealous Type? ;)

Let's face it... in this world with all its social media posts, most of us do feel jealous of others from time to time!  We might find ourselves jealous of others' families, possessions, travels, occupations, measures of "success", pets, or even fantastic food photos.  

When approached with curiosity, jealousy can help us to identify our unmet needs (and sometimes our fears that they may never be met).  This tapping sequence helps to take the edge off of jealousy and make room for the possibility of having our needs (and desires) met.  Enjoy! :)

Bogged Down With "Busy Work"? Here's An EFT Tapping Sequence That Gets Results!

Most of us have had some kind of experience with "busy work" - tasks that feel pointless and like a waste of time.  Sometimes these happen at work or school, or they may even affect our daily lives in other ways (a personal example for me would be completing the many tedious and often redundant steps involved in my immigration paperwork). 

Busy work can cause us to become disengaged, disenfranchised, or lose our sense of freedom and personal power.  It can be particularly painful (and soul-sucking) when it keeps us from doing things that we're really passionate about and love to do.  But luckily (as usual), there is something we can do to help with this!  I've created this EFT tapping sequence that you can tap along with to help shift the feelings that the busy work in your life creates - which can in turn allow for change in the entire scenario.  Enjoy! :)

Feeling Stressed At Work? Try This EFT Tapping Sequence :)

Have you ever felt the stress of having to "produce" at work?  I know I have!  That pressure to be productive can really take all the fun right out of work, even if you have a job you enjoy.  Luckily, you can use EFT tapping to help release this stress... and as a bonus, you may even become more productive in the process!  Letting go of excess stress can improve our ability to use the prefrontal cortex, resulting in better decision making and cognitive abilities.  Plus, it's just more fun! :D

I made this video to help let go of the "pressure of productivity" and let work be more fun!  And I sure found a magical place to do it!  ;)  If you check out the tree in the video carefully, you will notice that someone created a whimsical little fairy home there.


I was out walking in the woods and saw this "Fairy Tree" - and I knew it would be the perfect place to let go of stress that takes the fun out of work! LOL :)

New EFT Tapping Video To Help With Pre-Tattoo Jitters!

I'm so stoked to announce that my good friend Krystal Bell and I have collaborated to co-create a new EFT tapping video to help release pre-tattoo jitters!  Krystal is an amazing artist and tattoo healer, and together we identified some of the most commonly seen anxieties and stresses that can affect a person before a tattoo session. 

I filmed this video outside of her Erie, Colorado, tattoo studio, and we're thrilled to announce that the full 17-minute video will be available as a free gift to any of her tattoo clients, as well as any of my EFT tapping clients!  And if you are interested in the tapping sequence but aren't a client of ours, you can purchase unlimited access to the full video for just $10.  For access to the full video, just send me an email at  Here's a sneak peek... enjoy! :D

A couple shots of Krystal at work, and one of her healing sigil designs.