5 Simple, Unconventional Tricks To Improve Your Financial Health

Financial stresses can take their toll on our health and well-being, so it makes sense to have good financial health (in addition to mental, emotional, and physical health). Here are 5 fun financial tips that are definitely not conventional wisdom! Use them alongside traditional skills and strategies such as developing your financial literacy and consulting with financial planners.

  • Let go of stress you feel about your financial situation. Have you ever felt so alarmed when looking at your bank account balance that you had to look away? Or just “didn’t even want to look” at how much credit card interest you’re paying each month? Stress we feel about our finances may be meaning to get us to pay attention and do something about the situation, but sometimes can actually be counterproductive and trigger avoidance. I’ve created a tapping sequence that you can use to help let go of financial stress and shame, which can trigger avoidance. As we’re able to let go of these emotions, it helps us to put our attention towards finding solutions instead of panicking. Bonus hint: if you feel stress while looking at your finances, you can also tap on whatever emotion you feel in real time.

  • Improve your self-worth. Poor self-worth can be a root cause of financial difficulties, since finances correlate highly with value in many cases. For example, if you’ve been thinking that you’re not very good at your job, you may be less likely to ask for a raise or apply for a better job. Likewise, poor self-worth can result in turning away opportunities or help that comes your way. I’ve got your back, with a tapping sequence that helps let go of the feelings that can stop us from seeing our value.

  • Let go of any hang-ups you have about improving your financial situation. So, stress we feel about our finances being in disarray can make it harder to improve them… but what about the stress we might have if our finances improved markedly? When you envision the financial success you’d like, do you see anything about that hypothetical situation that seems like a struggle? This tapping sequence is designed to help address fear of success by releasing notions we have about how distasteful success might secretly be.

  • Address any “tail-enders” that you have about your finances. “Tail-enders” are phrases that we automatically add on to the end of affirmations, which change their meanings drastically. For example, if you are using the affirmation, “I have everything I need at all times,” your brain may automatically tell you, “…except I don’t!” Tail-enders can result in negative emotions and even self-sabotage, but they can also be useful in identifying limiting beliefs that can block our good intentions. I’ve created a tapping sequence specifically to highlight tail-enders and other blocks to abundance to allow for release. (And if you’re interested, you can check out this article for more information about tail-enders.)

  • Try a Thetahealing download for abundance. Thetahealing downloads are really similar to software downloads for a computer, and basically function to upgrade your internal programming. If you have a faulty version of an abundance program, then maybe it's time to upgrade! For example, some of us have been taught that abundance feels like a fear of losing all that you have or like guilt for having more than others do. :( No wonder we wouldn't want that! All you have to do is say "YES" after reading this to receive the pure, direct download of the feeling of abundance, without any negative feelings associated with it, in the highest and best way. It feels really, really good! :)

I’m curious… did you find any surprising blocks to abundance, tail-enders, or unusual emotions while tapping along? Let me know in the comments below!

What's a "Tail-Ender," and How Can This Harm My Affirmations?

A tail-ender may sound like a sinister way to amputate a pet, but (surprise!) it's not!  LOL

The term "tail-ender" actually refers to a phrase that could be added onto an affirmation as its "tail end."  This will make a little more sense when I give you an example or two, but first, let's take a closer look at affirmations (and I have a post here on how to write really, really GOOD affirmations if that interests you!).

Affirmations are designed to incite a feeling and belief within a person that, when repeated regularly, can bring about positive change in a person's life.  Notice I've used the words "feeling" and "belief" very purposefully.  How do we know if we truly believe something?  Of course, we can really believe something when it FEELS true to us.

So what happens when we write ourselves amazing affirmations, but they DON'T feel true to us?  Then we have ourselves a case of tail-ender self-sabotage, and our affirmations fall on deaf ears.  We may even end up with a "felt belief" that is actually the opposite of what our affirmation was stating.  Which brings me to my examples:

  • Affirmation #1: I have access to all the resources I need, at this very moment.

  • Tail-ender #1: ...Except that I'm broke!

  • Felt belief #1: I'm broke.

  • Affirmation #2: I am healthy, vibrant, and physically fit.

  • Tail-ender #2: ...But I feel pretty sluggish and I need to lose 50 pounds.

  • Felt belief #2: I'm out of shape and overweight.

I think of tail-enders as the internal truth that comes out when we tell ourselves the lie of an affirmation that we just can't quite get on board with.  These types of affirmations FEEL like a lie, and then repeating them over and over reinforces whatever feeling that they create in us - in the examples above, lack of resources or poor health.  And this is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what we are trying to do with our affirmations!

The good news is, there is a very, VERY easy fix.  If you feel a tail-ender come up as you repeat an affirmation, just do some tapping on that tail-ender to release the blocks associated with it.  It may take a little work with specific events, but you can definitely let go of tail-enders so that your affirmations can work unimpeded! :)

I thought I should be thinking positively!

There's one question I get more than any other about EFT tapping.  "Why are we being so negative?  I thought I should be thinking positively to change my life for the better!"

The truth is that... yes, positive thinking can be helpful in changing your life.  But have you ever noticed that sometimes when you say an affirmation like "I live in abundance," it just doesn't sound true at all?  Maybe you even feel some physical distress when you say it out loud or write it down... or maybe you can even hear the little voice inside saying, "...except I definitely don't!"

With EFT tapping, we focus on the energetic blocks to dislodge them, kind of like a plumber might unclog a pipe that is not flowing properly.  That physical distress or little voice inside represents the energetic block; it's a fast and easy way to specifically pinpoint something that's holding you back so you can unblock your pipes and get flowing again.  We focus on that "negative" just like we would focus on the hairball or sludge that's gunking up our clogged pipes - to restore the flow of energy that we can then direct towards our positive affirmations.  And it works amazingly!

Happy tapping! :D