Jumpstart Your Success With EFT Tapping

If you’ve been struggling to have success in some area of your life, you’re not alone! While we often think of fear of failure as a major block to success, we may also experience fear of success from time to time.

Sometimes we associate success with negative consequences to our lives, or are simply afraid of the "unknowns" surrounding success. In this video, I guide us through an EFT tapping sequence to help let go of the fear of success - just tap along with the video to try it out! Enjoy, and best of luck! :)

P.S. I’ve also got a great video to help let go of the pain of past “failures” here that you might like, and you can find more of my tapping videos to help with success here!

"I'm Not Enough": EFT Tapping For Feelings Of Inadequacy

Have you ever felt that you're just not enough - for someone, something, or even for who you want yourself to be?

Insecurities and feelings of inadequacy have a way of showing up in our lives, sometimes to our detriment…and sometimes to our benefit!

A core belief of “I'm not enough” can manifest in many different ways - it can show up as excessive pride, a desire to prove oneself, a list of amazing accomplishments, holding oneself back, low self-esteem, people pleasing, or even self-sabotage. Generally, these manifestations all have some kind of “upside” or benefit - ranging from self-protection to motivation, and everything in between.

It's possible, though, to show some love and compassion to the part of us that thinks we're not enough… and encourage it to consider the idea that maybe, just maybe, we ARE enough, and that it's safe and beneficial to acknowledge that. (Sounds crazy, I know!)

Here's a tapping sequence I created for just that purpose… give it a try and let me know how it works. Good luck, and happy tapping! :)

How Can EFT Tapping Help With Athletic Performance?

True story - every now and then, I forget that tapping works! :P

Case in point… this past weekend, I was playing around on a slackline (I’m still a beginner!) and started to get stuck. I had made some good progress on it, but kept falling off at the same point, in the same way. And for a little while, I continued this way, until…

I remembered that I do EFT tapping and that it’s a great tool for athletic performance! (And also personal performance in many other endeavors… but I’ll leave that for another post.)

There has actually been research done to examine the effects of EFT on performance in sports such as basketball and soccer… and these studies found that tapping had positive effects on athletes’ outcomes.

So what I ended up doing (instead of continuing to fall off and get frustrated!) was tapping one round on the frustration and disappointment I was feeling over my slackline fails. After less than a minute of tapping, I made it the whole way across on both of my next two tries on the line!

It’s not really known just how EFT tapping helps to improve athletic performance, but research has shown that it decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol and normalizes brain waves out of a fight/ flight/ freeze pattern. So it may be that the tapping helps dissipate excess stress, allowing for optimal performance. In my opinion, there are probably also be other ways that it improves performance. After all, it’s a great way to quickly retrain the brain and adjust expectations!

You can try out my EFT tapping sequence for optimal personal performance, and see what you think! Happy tapping! :)

Embracing The Transformative Cycles Of The Full Moon In Taurus

Today’s full moon in Taurus is reported to assist us with forward movement in our lives… drawing on a cycle of release and renewal. But letting go of what we know and have grown comfortable with can be easier said than done! And for those of us who have trouble letting go, we may end up with a mixed bag of emotions about that difficulty - shame, self-judgement, frustration, etc.

Here are some of my favourite tapping videos to assist a kind and gentle release of what no longer serves us. This first one addresses the emotions we have about our trouble letting go, and the next two are some techniques to address some of the causes for difficulty releasing. And you can also check out the related blog posts to learn more on these topics: for letting go, reversals, and refusal tapping. Happy full moon! :)

5 Easy Ways of Allowing Others to Offer You Help - Start Here and Tap Along!

Many of us get caught up in thinking that we have to do everything ourselves and carry a lot of burdens alone, instead of receiving the full benefits of the assistance that we have available to us.  There are a lot of reasons why we think we shouldn't let others in when they want to help, and these can be deeply ingrained into our patterns!

The good news is - if you've been looking for more opportunities to receive the help and support that is offered your way, you can start right this second!  Just read through these tips and tap along with this video to start removing the blocks you have around receiving support and assistance.  :)

  • Let go of blocks to receiving support.  Some of us have internalized messages that it's not ok or safe to receive help and support from others, for a whole variety of reasons.  You can tap along with this video to release these blocks to allowing others to help. 
  • Identify the areas of your life that could make the best use of help.  With the wide variety of tasks you may need to complete in the run of a day, it can be hard to decide what things are really important to do yourself, and which ones are candidates for outside support.  While this is certainly an individual decision, I'd recommend to put some thought into what each of your daily tasks involves in terms of costs - financial, time, and emotional.  Then look at the benefits - again from financial, time, and emotional standpoints.  You may find that some activities cost nothing or very little to have someone else do for you, and save a lot of your time and emotional energy!
  • Re-evaluate your reaction to outreach from others.  The next time someone offers you help, take note of your immediate or automatic response.  Many of us are in the habit of refusing help as a reflex!  We may think the other person doesn't really want to help, or not want to feel like a burden, or refuse it for any other number of reasons.  Luckily, once you notice that you have this kind of reaction, you can start to change this... and accept help that is offered. :)
  • Strengthen your task delegation skills and improve your trust in others.  Delegating tasks can be a great way to receive help... if you can delegate well!  There are many tricks you can eventually learn to become effective at delegating tasks, but my basic advice is to see which tasks could be repeatedly completed in an acceptable way by which person, and match them up (so as to maximize your future opportunities for help).  Trust is obviously an essential component to effective task delegation, so increasing your trust in others will make delegation easier.  I will have a post on trust coming up in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, you can snag the Thetahealing download below!   
  • Try Thetahealing downloads for accepting support and help, and trust.  Thetahealing downloads are really similar to software downloads for a computer, and basically function to upgrade your internal programming.  If you have faulty versions of accepting support and help, and trust programs, then maybe it's time to upgrade!  For example, some of us have been taught that accepting support and help feels like defeat, or that trust feels scary.  :(  No wonder we wouldn't want that!  All you have to do is say "YES" after reading this to receive the pure, direct downloads of the feelings of accepting support and help, and trust in the highest and best way with joy and ease.  It feels really, really good!  Enjoy! :)
Life is more fun when you let others give you a hand! :)

Life is more fun when you let others give you a hand! :)

Feeling Like You Can Never Win? Don't Worry... There's an EFT Tapping Sequence For That, Too!

I have an opponent I can never win against. 

Yes, it's true... my computer gets the best of me all the time!  (LOL!)  And when I get really mad at it, it's so painfully obvious that this is a battle I can't really win... at least not in any usual way! :) 

Most recently it was caught foiling my attempts at uploading a video.  It was just sitting there, looking all innocent, but I could see the truth (haha).  It was obviously out to get me, making up some message after several minutes of pretending to upload, asking me to try again later.  Costing me more of my precious time because you refuse to do your job, I thought.  (Along with some other choice words... LOL!)  Angry but undaunted, I decided to make a tapping video about this very subject of fighting with an adversary you can never defeat.

P.S. If tapping along with this video gets you on a kick of regaining your personal power, you may be interested in this video about getting out of a self-perpetuating cycle or this post on boosting your freedom.  Enjoy! :)

Let Go Of Self-Judgement with EFT Tapping

For those of us who are concerned with doing the right thing, being good, achieving things, or in some way holding ourselves to some kind of standard or expectation (LOL - isn't that most of us?), we may have gotten in a habit of judging ourselves when we "fail" to meet that standard in some way.

I've discovered that this self-judgement really hurts!  And adding insult to injury is the fact that I've inflicted it upon myself.  :(  This tapping sequence is designed to help soften that judgement to help us bring more love into our lives.  Enjoy, and happy tapping! :)

P.S. Depending what comes up for you as you tap, this self-forgiveness tapping sequence might also be helpful!  Much love! :)

Feeling Discouraged About Exercise? Try This EFT Tapping Sequence! :)

Ok, I'll be the first to admit it... I'm easily discouraged when I try to do some kind of exercise and am not as good at it as I want to be!  That discouragement can actually act to make exercise less fun and rewarding, and even prevent us from doing the exercise at all... which is too bad, really.  I created this tapping sequence to help let go of that discouragement (and related emotions) that can stop us from enjoying exercise as much as we deserve to.  Happy tapping! :)

Stuck in a self-perpetuating cycle? Try this tapping sequence for regaining personal power! :)

Have you ever felt completely powerless to change some kind of pattern in your life?  As if anything you do to try to escape the cycle throws you right back into it?

I can totally relate, as this has happened to me on more than a few issues!  I have a few cool tricks you can try (such as tapping for reversals and refusal tapping), but another useful thing to do is to just work on the feelings and beliefs that are related to feeling trapped in a never-ending cycle!  This tapping sequence can get you started on some of these aspects of getting stuck with no way out to be found.  Happy tapping! :)

P.S. On a related note, you may like to check out my post on boosting your freedom here for some useful tips and Thetahealing downloads (there's one there for personal power!)!  

Let Go Of Guilt with EFT Tapping

Ok, I'll finally publicly admit it... I'm not perfect (LOL!).  So naturally, I know what it's like to feel guilty about my actions.  And sometimes, I've even felt guilty just for being alive and having so much good fortune, because I wish everyone had the same.

The good thing about me having all this guilt is that I've learned some tricks to lighten the load it has burdened me with!  I've found that carrying guilt around can cause me to lose my self-worth and to sabotage myself when things go well, so it's a great emotion to explore and then release. 

I made this tapping sequence to help identify and work through some of the things that keep us hanging on to guilt.  It's really helped me to feel less weighed down and burdened!  Enjoy! :)

P.S. While you're letting go of guilt, you may also be interested in this post about self-forgiveness!

Is It Possible to Forgive Yourself?

A few days ago, I posted an article about finding forgiveness.  In it, I alluded to the idea that we might also need to forgive ourselves!  Sometimes, forgiving ourselves is just a part of the process in finding forgiveness for someone else... and sometimes, it stands alone.  Either way, you can definitely use EFT tapping to help you make huge progress towards true forgiveness of yourself! :)

I made this video to help you get in touch with some of the emotions that can block progress towards self-forgiveness.  There can, of course, be more to the story than what I've got there.  Good luck on your journey of self-discovery and self-love!

What's a "Tail-Ender," and How Can This Harm My Affirmations?

A tail-ender may sound like a sinister way to amputate a pet, but (surprise!) it's not!  LOL

The term "tail-ender" actually refers to a phrase that could be added onto an affirmation as its "tail end."  This will make a little more sense when I give you an example or two, but first, let's take a closer look at affirmations (and I have a post here on how to write really, really GOOD affirmations if that interests you!).

Affirmations are designed to incite a feeling and belief within a person that, when repeated regularly, can bring about positive change in a person's life.  Notice I've used the words "feeling" and "belief" very purposefully.  How do we know if we truly believe something?  Of course, we can really believe something when it FEELS true to us.

So what happens when we write ourselves amazing affirmations, but they DON'T feel true to us?  Then we have ourselves a case of tail-ender self-sabotage, and our affirmations fall on deaf ears.  We may even end up with a "felt belief" that is actually the opposite of what our affirmation was stating.  Which brings me to my examples:

  • Affirmation #1: I have access to all the resources I need, at this very moment.

  • Tail-ender #1: ...Except that I'm broke!

  • Felt belief #1: I'm broke.

  • Affirmation #2: I am healthy, vibrant, and physically fit.

  • Tail-ender #2: ...But I feel pretty sluggish and I need to lose 50 pounds.

  • Felt belief #2: I'm out of shape and overweight.

I think of tail-enders as the internal truth that comes out when we tell ourselves the lie of an affirmation that we just can't quite get on board with.  These types of affirmations FEEL like a lie, and then repeating them over and over reinforces whatever feeling that they create in us - in the examples above, lack of resources or poor health.  And this is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what we are trying to do with our affirmations!

The good news is, there is a very, VERY easy fix.  If you feel a tail-ender come up as you repeat an affirmation, just do some tapping on that tail-ender to release the blocks associated with it.  It may take a little work with specific events, but you can definitely let go of tail-enders so that your affirmations can work unimpeded! :)

5 Easy Steps to Increase Feelings of Gratitude

Gratitude - that feeling of expansive thanks that we feel when we truly savor and appreciate something - can be a powerful vehicle for bringing even more goodness our way!  (Plus, it's just plain fun...lol!)  Here are some easy tips and tools for increasing your gratitude, and bringing more pleasure and fun into your life!

  • Start a gratitude journal.  Okay, so this is the most obvious one!  If you don't already practice daily gratitude, this is a nice way to remind yourself every day and make it a habit.  Tip: Keep it simple - just list the things that you're grateful for each day.  No one is going to check your work for complete sentences, so don't let this become a difficult task... LOL!
  • Focus on the things that make you FEEL grateful.  If you live in the first world, you probably have about a million things to be grateful for each day.  Stuff like clean drinking water, nutritious food, and freedom of speech are really super to have!  But if these weren't things that caused you to FEEL grateful during your day, they may not be the best things to list in your gratitude journal.  You may be intellectually grateful for them, but if the feeling you have when you think about them is one of sadness for those who lack these things, then you are unknowingly training yourself to think that gratitude feels like sadness.  What I'd recommend instead is to list things that made you FEEL vibrantly alive, happy, and satisfied.
  • Attune yourself to find gratitude in unexpected places.  You can increase your sources of gratitude by training yourself to find it in unusual ways.  Try setting an intention in the morning to be shown a new source of gratitude that day.  Then wait to see what appears!  Who knows, maybe you'll end up grateful about the easy function of knobs on your dashboard or the silly way an insect runs around!  Tip: You don't need to make any concerted effort with this technique.  Just be open to whatever comes your way.  And don't forget to smile! :)
  • Remove any blocks that are sabotaging your gratitude.  Some of us have been carrying around big fat blocks to gratitude, and that stops us in our tracks when we start to feel it.  Some common ones are feeling hurt by others' jealousy or sadness, or having learned gratitude by focusing on lack.  You can tap along with this video to help give them the boot.
  • Try out a Thetahealing download for gratitude.  Thetahealing downloads are really similar to software downloads for a computer, and basically function to upgrade your internal programming.  If you have a faulty version of a gratitude program, then maybe it's time to upgrade!  For example, some of us have been trained to think that gratitude feels like sadness or lack... ick!  No wonder we wouldn't want to spend our time feeling it!  All you have to do is say "YES" after reading this to receive the pure, direct download of the feeling of gratitude.  It feels really, really good!  Enjoy! :)

The very first thing you should ever tap on...

True story: I don't believe that EFT tapping should work.  (Heehee!) 

It's true... I totally have a skeptical side that gives no credit to methods that aren't fully and completely explained by modern science.  After learning about tapping for the first time, I was curious about it, but no way did I think it would actually help with my chronic health issues.  I understood a few scientific findings that gave clues as to how it might work, but wasn't really convinced.  My stance was, "I'll believe it when I see it."

Luckily, I was instructed to tap on this skepticism before trying it on anything else.  The theory behind this advice was that tapping on skepticism helps to release resistance to the idea that a technique could work even if we don't believe it will.  Sure enough, I proved myself wrong, and the tapping did work - amazingly!  It preceded change after change in my health, life, and outlook that seemed to coincide a little too perfectly with what I had just been tapping on. 

Now my inner skeptic is still busy... testing the limits of what tapping can help with.  It's been reported to assist with everything from personal performance to fibromyalgia to PTSD to relationships.  A single methodology that can assist with such a wide variety of issues is almost impossible for many of us to wrap our heads around.  We're so used to the traditional approach of using symptoms to determine a differential diagnosis and then trying to plan treatment from there.  So using one simple technique that can help with all kinds of problems, and not just physical ones, all in one go sounds a little too good to be true to most of us.  But don't you kind of really want to try it out... just in case?  ;)  

Here's a video you can tap along with if that healthy skeptic in you is alive and well!  Good luck! :)