Feeling Stuck? Get Going Again With This EFT Tapping Sequence!

If you’re feeling like you’re somehow stuck or held back in life, you’re not alone! It’s not easy to feel like there’s something standing in your path, tying you down, or in some way keeping you stagnant.

Sometimes, that “stuck” feeling can come from our own resistances to taking positive action (also known as psychoenergetic reversals, reversals, or PERs… more about these and how to release them here). Essentially, I see these resistances as being kind of similar to our “worst-case scenario” friend or family member… well-meaning, but oftentimes alarmist. Resistances tell us that we’re not safe if we do certain things, or that we’ll lose out, or cross some arbitrary line, or that something bad will occur if we take positive, useful actions. Generally, resistances develop to keep us safe in some way, so they’re quite natural to have. I have a number of articles and videos that can help with clearing reversals if you suspect that is the cause of your “stuck-ness.”

In the absence of resistances, a “stuck” feeling can also result from poor timing or inadequate feelings of preparedness. I’ll use a few simple examples to illustrate this.

Let’s say someone named Kelly is looking for a new job. She has her resume looking really polished, includes great references, and creates customized cover letters that position her as the ideal candidate for every job she applies for. She never gets beyond a first interview though, and starts feeling stuck, since she is really ready to change jobs.

Turns out, a few months later, Kelly ends up with an offer for the exact right position for her, that is way more aligned with what she wants to do, and that fits into her life much better than any of the other jobs she’d applied for! She just had to wait for the right timing so that her dream job could become available.

Alternatively, maybe someone named Margo is looking to buy a house. She diligently combs through listings and views potential homes every weekend, but none of them really match what she’s looking for. A part of her is very nervous about owning a home and all the responsibilities that go along with it. She starts reading books and forums and looking for advice about homeownership, and eventually realizes that she’ll be ok as long as she buys a place that doesn’t have a yard or need a lot of repairs, so she ends up buying a great condo that was recently upgraded.

In these examples, Kelly and Margo thought they were getting really stuck, but were actually finding just the right things for them at the right times. But feeling stuck due to timing or readiness still isn’t very fun! I’ve created a little video that you can tap along with if you’re feeling stuck, to help let go of the many emotions that go along with that sensation. Enjoy! :)

Stop Rushing Around With EFT Tapping

The feeling of spending our entire day rushing around can be draining...but what if we could still function optimally without feeling rushed or hurried?

In fact, it’s possible to let go of the excess stress that can decrease our true productive potential and harness the beneficial stress (sometimes called “eustress”) that helps us thrive. This tapping sequence is designed to do just that! You can tap along with this video to help let go of excessive stress and gain insight to promote stress-free workflow. Enjoy! :)

Follow Your Passions with the Super Blood Wolf Moon

Sunday’s super blood wolf moon, like all full moons, gives us an opportunity to harness its energy to make life changes. This particular full moon is associated with a lot of emotion and passion, which provides guidance towards what we’d like to see for humanity, as well as our own creative outlets (on a smaller scale).

In the spirit of helping us all follow our bliss, I’ve crafted this tapping sequence to help let go of the emotions associated with past failures (or perceived failures). Although it may not always be obvious to the conscious mind, these emotions can become trapped in the body and affect our behaviour and performance. As we let go of what’s been weighing us down, it offers us space to follow our passions with greater ease and less unconscious resistance.

Try tapping along… and let me know in the comments how you express your creativity! :)

5 Quick Tips for Writing Really Juicy Affirmations that Work

You may have heard of affirmations as a powerful tool for creating change in your life.  Well, as it turns out, there are affirmations and then there are *affirmations*.  :)  The best affirmations create powerful feelings that are properly matched with what you expect to feel when the affirmation is true.  This is really great news, because with just a little reflection (and maybe a thesaurus, lol), you can craft yourself some mighty little statements to take your life to the next level!

I'll use an example that we'll tweak as we go through the steps, that is based on wanting to get a good job as a dental hygienist.  (No personal bias there… lol!)

  1. Write an affirmation that is present tense. If you're repeating an affirmation that is set in the future, it makes it harder to ever arrive at. It's sort of like saying, "I'll get around to it..." - we all know what that really means, lol! ;) In our example, we would use "I have a great job as a dental hygienist" as opposed to "I will have a great job as a dental hygienist."

  2. Be somewhat specific. You don't need to hammer out every detail, but do think of different aspects of what your affirmation is about. To use our example again: What makes the job great? Is it the co-workers, the compensation, the clientele, the actual work? We could adjust our statement to something like, "I am part of a great dental team as a well-paid dental hygienist serving clients who appreciate us."

  3. Use words that incite a lot of emotion. The whole point of the affirmation is to create an abundance of good feelings within you, and the words you choose can make a big difference here. Turning back to our example, we could consider: What does a "great dental team" feel like? How about "clients who appreciate us?" We might decide to make our affirmation, "I am in love with my job as a well-paid dental hygienist who's part of a caring, supportive, fun dental team serving kind and understanding clients who value our work, rave about us, and help us love our day!" (Starting to sound more exciting, eh?)

  4. Dig a little deeper into WHY you want that affirmation to be true. Sometimes you have an idea of some concrete thing that you want, but it might be that the thing is only a vehicle for something else. In our example, we would have to wonder: Why is this particular job something that is important? What about the "well-paid" aspect of it? It could be that this hypothetical job, when compared with others, provides a valuable sense of social connection, or accomplishment, or self-actualization. The pay might be important to ensure financial freedom, or it might be relevant to respect or status. We could re-work our affirmation yet again, to something like, "I am in love with my dream job as a successful dental hygienist who is part of a caring, supportive, fun dental team serving kind and understanding clients who value our work, rave about us, and help us love our day!" (In this example, I've used self-actualization - "dream job" - and status - "successful" - as our motivating factors.)

  5. Look for blocks or resistances to your affirmation. Sometimes, we have a little voice inside that tells us that we don't deserve what our affirmation would bring us, or that it's not possible, or... any number of stories. Some of these, we may get over naturally (in the example above, we may be a new graduate who needs experience before feeling like we could hope for our dream job), and some may be "tail-enders" that we can use EFT tapping to help let go of (an example relating to our proposed dental hygiene job might be that little voice telling us, "...but that kind of job doesn't exist."). You can check out a list of common resistances or psychoenergetic reversals here, and find information about tail-enders here.

Once you've honed your affirmation and addressed the roots of your desires as well as any resistances, you should be left with a statement that feels amazing to say! Write it down, say it out loud, tell your friends, and… enjoy! :)

Bogged Down With "Busy Work"? Here's An EFT Tapping Sequence That Gets Results!

Most of us have had some kind of experience with "busy work" - tasks that feel pointless and like a waste of time.  Sometimes these happen at work or school, or they may even affect our daily lives in other ways (a personal example for me would be completing the many tedious and often redundant steps involved in my immigration paperwork). 

Busy work can cause us to become disengaged, disenfranchised, or lose our sense of freedom and personal power.  It can be particularly painful (and soul-sucking) when it keeps us from doing things that we're really passionate about and love to do.  But luckily (as usual), there is something we can do to help with this!  I've created this EFT tapping sequence that you can tap along with to help shift the feelings that the busy work in your life creates - which can in turn allow for change in the entire scenario.  Enjoy! :)

Feeling Stressed At Work? Try This EFT Tapping Sequence :)

Have you ever felt the stress of having to "produce" at work?  I know I have!  That pressure to be productive can really take all the fun right out of work, even if you have a job you enjoy.  Luckily, you can use EFT tapping to help release this stress... and as a bonus, you may even become more productive in the process!  Letting go of excess stress can improve our ability to use the prefrontal cortex, resulting in better decision making and cognitive abilities.  Plus, it's just more fun! :D

I made this video to help let go of the "pressure of productivity" and let work be more fun!  And I sure found a magical place to do it!  ;)  If you check out the tree in the video carefully, you will notice that someone created a whimsical little fairy home there.


I was out walking in the woods and saw this "Fairy Tree" - and I knew it would be the perfect place to let go of stress that takes the fun out of work! LOL :)

Improve organization and efficiency with EFT Tapping

Do you ever feel like you're just not able to work effectively throughout your day?  I know I sometimes do!  In fact, as I've been on the road lately, I was finding myself just unable to accomplish anything without wasting a lot of time due to inefficiency and disorganization!  So of course, I decided to try tapping on it! 

The tapping for sure gave me a quick fix... this was the first video I've ever made in just one take! ;)  This sequence does a great job of taking the edge off in the moment for some efficiency first aid!  Digging a little deeper, I also see other issues that cause me to create "busy work" in my life, stemming in part from being criticized when I finished schoolwork quickly as a kid!  No wonder I might take a less efficient path... LOL!  (Digging for the root causes is crucial to prevent reoccurrence of a pattern.  More on that in another post...)  :)