Afraid Of Needles? Check Out This EFT Tapping Video!

If you’re a little afraid of needles, you are not alone! Being apprehensive is a very normal response.

One of my passions (besides EFT tapping) is teaching local anesthesia to dental hygiene students. In my experience, it’s very common to be at least a little nervous before receiving dental local anesthesia, so I decided to make an EFT tapping video to help calm the fear response. This video has a little explanation of how tapping works, followed by an EFT tapping sequence that you can use to help calm the nerves. Enjoy! :)

*Please note, this video is intended to use with apprehension/ anxiety type fear, rather than a true phobia. If you experience a true phobia (especially vasovagal reflex reaction… which involves fainting), please don’t use this video.