Enjoying some playtime with neurosculpting yoga!

This week I got to spend some time in Denver with my wonderful soul sister Asiana, and enjoyed a decadent and playful yoga practice in her Neurosculpting vinyasa class! :)

Asiana has interwoven the process she learned from the Neurosculpting Institute with yoga asana practice that is also infused with the sound, breath, and movement work of Chitra Giauque.  The words I'd use to describe it range from relaxing to fun to life-changing!!! (Lol... maybe relaxing IS a life-changing event in this world!  Hahaha!)

The Neurosculpting process uses 5 steps to help heal trauma and unlock human potential.  And it's fun!  It kind of reminds me of the board game Cranium, because of the variety of activities we got to do!  Here is the basic framework:

  1. Quiet the flight or fight response - yoga has lots of ways to do this... deep breathing and progressive relaxation are a couple!
  2. Engage prefrontal cortex with novelty - Asiana asked us to imagine or feel a lot of unusual things with a lot of curiosity invited into the practice.
  3. Create cross talk between brain hemispheres - here she guided us through different linear/logical pieces of something we saw as an issue in our lives, as well as various abstract and imaginative aspects, to help reach both the left and right brain.
  4. Link a somatic cue - basically activating the body... easy to do in a vinyasa flow!  We also did some tapping with our non-dominant hands.
  5. Name the meditation - mine was called "Alive!"  (Not like the book and movie about the rugby team though!  More in a fun way.)

As I examine the elements of the Neurosculpting process, I immediately notice similarities between this and the full basic recipe (which includes the 9 Gamut technique) that we use in EFT tapping.  I think we're all onto something good here... :D