Finding Balance In Relationships With The Full Moon In Libra

One of the key themes of the full moon in Libra on April 19th is finding balance in relationships… whether it’s in relationships with romantic partners, family members, co-workers, or even activities or objects.

With respect to relationships with others, some of the aspects that may require balancing are independence, patterns of giving and receiving, and ways of dealing with tensions. We can take advantage this cycle to develop healthier boundaries pertaining to alone time, autonomy, over-giving, and communication. I’ve created a couple of tapping sequences designed to help find a healthy amount of independence and limit over-giving in relationships… just tap along with the videos at the bottom of this post! You may also like some of my posts about authentic communication to help handle some of the increased relationship tensions of this full moon in a productive manner.

It’s said that there can also be imbalances in our relationship to the self surfacing, creating potential for indulging in destructive behaviours to help soothe a lack of self-worth. If you’re noticing those uncomfortable feelings of inadequacy coming up, you may enjoy tapping along with this video that deals with the topic.

Happy full moon! :)

Feeling Unheard? Get Your Voice Back With EFT Tapping!

Feeling like others don't hear or understand you is no fun! This EFT tapping sequence helps to release feelings associated with feeling unheard...just tap along with the video! Enjoy! :)

EFT Tapping To Heal A Broken Heart

It's Valentine's Day… a day almost certain to crush your spirits if you're suffering from a broken heart. I know first hand how hard it can be to process the experience of heartbreak! There are so many great tools available to help with this these days, and tapping is definitely one of them. I created this sequence that you can tap along with as a special Valentine's gift for all of us who have loved and lost. You might also find some of my videos that focus on grief helpful. Lots of love! :)

Opening the Heart with EFT Tapping

Hey there!  I've been visiting the beautiful Tara Mandala retreat center in Colorado this week, and a slogan I saw here ("Vast View - Open Heart") inspired this tapping sequence.  Blocks to sharing love with the self and others are numerous, but this sequence can shake them up a little and help identify specific events to use with the Tell the Story technique.  Enjoy, and much love always! :)

Talking to a wall?

Ever feel frustrated with the way communication takes place in your relationships?  Like there's some kind of wall between you?

Here's a video, specially crafted for this Blue Moon on 03/31/18, that you can tap along with to help improve communication!  Today's full moon creates opportunities to reflect on and alter relationships and the way we communicate, so take advantage of the energetic boost! :)