Set Your Intentions For Positive Change With The Black Super New Moon

The end of this month brings a Black Super New Moon on July 31 (or Aug 1, depending on where you live) - “black” meaning that is the second new moon of the month, and “super” meaning that it's still very close to the earth even if we can't see it too well. ;)

Astrologers say that this new moon can be a powerful time for new beginnings, as we integrate some of the changes we've undergone over the last few months. The general advice that comes with this moon is to set intentions for the positive changes that we'd like to see in our lives, based on what is in our heart space, and then to slowly move towards these. This new moon encourages us to take more ownership of our lives and also to have patience with how things are unfolding.

I've created a couple of tapping sequences that can help harness this new moon energy to our benefit - one to help improve patience, and the other to assist with personal power. As we step further into knowing and accepting ourselves, we can confidently create authentic intentions going forward. These two tapping sequences are designed to help us decide unapologetically what we'd like, and then take focused, directed, confident action towards them at the ideal pace - however slowly that may be. We can know what to do and when to do it, and enjoy the in between times without feeling stuck.

Enjoy, and lots of love! :)